Giving Through Brewing In Kona

When the San Francisco Bay Coffee Bar was conceived one mandate would not be compromised, give back. With that in mind the OneCup coffee station was born.

We interviewed, Linda Chock, from our Kona Coffee Bar to get more details.

So the coffee bar has a OneCup coffee station in a gourmet café. What’s up with that?

The idea behind the SFB Kona OneCup Coffee Bar is twofold; it’s an opportunity to introduce our OneCups to customers that might not be familiar with them as OneCups are a quick way to get a delicious cup of coffee or tea. They are a great option for home and even the office.  The neatest part of the OneCup Coffee Bar is that 100% of the sales is donated back to the local community.

OneCup Bar2

Oh that’s amazing! Which charity is the Kona Coffee Bar raising funds for right now?

Hope Services Hawaii, Inc., a statewide non-profit that provides a multitude of services to the homeless of Hawaii.


Why did you choose, Hope Services Hawaii?

Sadly, homelessness in Hawaii is a growing epidemic and statewide up to 15,000 people are homeless during some point of the year with a growing segment including those with children.  Hope Service Hawaii offers emergency and transitional housing each and every day of the year along with homeless outreach, residential housing programs, homeless prevention and mentoring, just to name a few of the services they provide.

Can customers simply donate instead of brewing a OneCup?

YES!  At the SFB Kona Coffee Bar we have a donation jar that we welcome to be filled by either those grabbing a cup of coffee from the OneCup Coffee Bar or those wishing to support a worthwhile, local organization.

How have your customers responded to this incredibly generous program?

Most can’t believe that EVERY dollar that comes in from the OneCup purchases goes to a local charity.  It’s been exciting to spread what Hope Services Hawaii’s mission is and share some of the success stories that have come from those who have benefited from their assistance.   I’ve had customers ask that their change get added to the donation jar…each dollar adds up and to date more than $1,200 has been collected in just three months. .

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Anything else you’d like to add?

It’s been an honor and a wonderful opportunity to work at the SFB Kona Coffee Bar.  The staff is so welcoming and they always go the extra mile to make each customer’s experience a positive one by taking care in serving top-notch products with gracious service.  I’ve had so much fun getting to know the locals and tourists alike…it’s going to be bittersweet when it’s time to head back to home-base!

To learn more about Hope Services Hawaii, click below.

Hope Services Hawaii