Fair & Direct Trade

Coffee That's Grown For Good

Our Fair and Direct Trade approach to coffee sourcing addresses all of the quality shortcomings of the “Fair Trade Certified” approach and provides ongoing, permanent solutions to help break the cycle of poverty. We buy our coffee directly and personally from large and small farms – including farmer coops – that meet our stringent standards for quality, compassion for workers, and environmental stewardship.

We visit the farms personally, set up long-term contracts and develop long-term relationships with these farmers and coops. We always pay above their costs of production – plus a profit – which is a much higher price than Fair Trade.

Community Aid

Supporting Farming Communities

Through our groundbreaking Community Aid Program, we strive to break the cycle of poverty that exists in coffee communities by spending upwards of $1 million – every year – to improve the education, housing, health, and sanitary conditions for workers and their families on every farm where we do business – whether it’s a huge plantation, a small farm or a coop of small farmers.

We are proud to say that 100% of our coffee is fairly, directly and ethically traded. Because we have our boots on the ground at every farm where we buy coffee, we know that every dollar that goes to our partner coffee farms is making a real difference to lift farmers, workers, and their families out of poverty.

Rogers Family Co

Becoming A Social Company

Parent company to San Francisco Bay Coffee, the Rogers Family Company is built on the idea that ALL involved in our business should succeed. From the farmer to the consumer. That’s why we became a social company.