Grounds For Sustainability In Kona

Have you tossed your coffee grounds and thought to yourself, “I wonder if there is something more I could do with these grounds”, we did and we found some creative entrepreneurs in Kona who are making some unique concepts come to life.

According to Linda from our Kona Coffee Bar;

I met up with Geoff with Edible World Institute at their facility and garden on Friday.  They are using our coffee grounds for their community garden…neat organization; started as a Culinary Camp for kids and have been evolving by starting this community garden on a former dump-site/homeless hangout.  It’s one of the last undeveloped lots in Kailua and they will be tearing down the two structures on the property to build 8 bamboo condos which will be high sustainable.  In the end, it will be one-part growing space and one-part hangout place and a model of what can be done in an urban setting.  Pretty cool to be part of this even if in a small way. 


The Edible Desert Garden is the result of a vital partnership between Edible World Institute and a neighboring landowner with a powerful vision for sustainable modern living. The garden will be a shared space, maintained in large part by EWI and its students enrolled in culinary camps and eventually by students taking part in one of two culinary school tracks (Preparation or Procurement).

The space will also serve as an amenity to residents of the eight bamboo construction condos soon to be erected at the top of the lot, the only ones of their kind in Kona, and I believe the only commercial bamboo structures in the state.

For more on the company that will be building the condos and to see just how gorgeous they will be, check out http://www.bambooliving.com/. The condos will be LEED certified, integrated with the garden using edible landscaping throughout.

In collaboration with elements of the local community, the garden and its adjoining residences will serve as a model for a cleaner, smarter, more energy and water efficient urban way of life connecting people with each other and their food on an intimate level.

This urban-desert regenerative food garden provides Edible World Institute with nutrient rich culinary ingredients, a creative permaculture based learning environment and a welcoming, interactive habitat for residents, students, community, visitors, wildlife, and staff.


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