31 thoughts on “Where Should We Open Next?”

  1. Springfield Missouri!!! We have Starbucks and they do VERY well, San Francisco Bay would run Starbucks out of business! They are over priced and the coffee is not even close to the quality and taste as San Francisco Bay! PLEASE OH PLEASE OPEN IN SPRINGFIELD, MO!!!!

  2. I think Illinois would be a great place! People need something other than Starbucks. Your coffee is better and I think people would go to yours especially if it’s cheaper. Once they try yours that’s all it would take!!

  3. You have to have a San Francisco location!
    Stay loyal to your namesake then expand to other states.

  4. Dallas, Texas, NEEDS you! Please look into opening in Uptown or Deep Ellum. We are true coffee hounds here! And y’all are the best!

    1. People in California are familiar with the Broken Yolk Cafe and they’re building one in Illinois now so I suggest that you go with the flow and open one of your coffee houses in or around Naperville Il soon! You know, Illinois is the new California minus the earthquakes brush fires mudslides and we specialize in whines which is what I’m doing right now.

  5. San Francisco Bay Area, of course! Preferably in the East Bay (Alamo, Danville or San Ramon) where good coffee is really appreciated and good coffee bars are rare.

  6. I want to turn on Dallas, TX to my all-time favorite coffee, SFB Fog Chaser! If you can’t open a store here, please make the coffee available in grocery stores – e.g. Tom Thumb, Central Market (HEB), Whole Foods, etc.

  7. SF. Just to keep it real. Thanks for opening in Lincoln, by the way. We’ll be heading there Monday morning for a quick meeting and some great coffee.

  8. The town of San Pedro. ….a very eclectic group of people from Longshoreman to Hollywood film crews….and a big arts and music group

  9. Evansville, Indiana! Evansville is a growing, thriving metro with lots of little surrounding towns FULL of people who love coffee!!

  10. We discovered Holiday blend a couple years back when shopping at Costco. Our favorite has been Rainforest blend, so we bought 2 bags of Holiday blend as well. Then each time we went back we saw a few left and bought a couple more. We’ll be out by June, but we and a few of our friends think Holiday blend is a wonderful addition to your awesome coffee!!!

  11. You have to lay a claim in San Francisco!!!!! It’s time to show Starbucks what coffee should taste like!

  12. I love your coffee. I am born and raised in Ukiah Ca, the North Bay Area, lived in Sacramento area and San Francisco.
    I am now in Henderson, Las Vegas area and would love to see one here. Thanks!!

  13. Mackinac Island, MI with the large tourism from all over the world. You’d get a chance to introduce your coffee to thousands every day. In a community that composts thier bio waste. Has no cars (only transportation is by bike, and horse and carriage. Over 15000 visitors everyday on a two street shopping area.

  14. Annapolis, MD, and I will be happy to manage the store for you! 🙂 I’ve been drinking your coffee since deployed in Iraq. It was mine favorite of all the coffees we tried and since returning to the States have had it shipped directly to me 🙂

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